Collaborative Aggregates Case Studies

barrett advertising etc portfolio: Case Study Delta Mist MDOT, NCAT Place Delta Mist Rejuvenating Seal
barrett advertising etc portfolio: Case Study Hennepin County Uses Delta S for Higher Recycling Content
barrett advertising etc portfolio: Case Study Delta S - Alabama Tests Rejuvenator To Prevent Asphalt Pavement Cracking
barrett advertising etc portfolio: Case Study Delta S - Texas and TTI Take Rejuvenating Higher
ClientCollaborative Aggregates LLC
SkillsDesign / Production / Print Buying

Collaborative Aggregates Case Study Sheets

Collaborative Aggregates LLC (“CollAgg”) was founded in 2014 to manufacture, market, and sell engineered construction products that are designed (in conjunction with its affiliate, the  Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry) to adhere to the twelve guiding principles of Green Chemistry.

CollAgg’s engineered construction products are designed to meet or exceed the product performance of competing technologies, at a realistic price-point, and in a manner that avoids the use of ingredients or processes that are harmful to consumers, producers, workers, or the environment.

These case study sheets are synopsises of the full-length articles that appeared in construction industry magazines covering job site stories. These 2-sided sheets are designed to be used as a tool for the sales staff where they can speak to a potential customer about Collaborative Aggregate construction products, Delta S and Delta Mist. These real-world case studies outlining the uses and successes of the products in the field can be included within the larger Capabilities Brochure as a leave-behind after a meeting and are also distributed at trade shows.

barrett advertising etc., llc designed and provided the pre-print production and image editing for these sheets as well as sourced the printing.