who we are

we are a small
creative services graphic design company

barrett advertising etc. was formed by Adam Barrett in 1998 after spending 13 years working for advertising agencies and graphic design companies, publications, trade show producers and pre-press shops.

While our full-time staff is small, our graphic design capabilities and the services we provide can keep pace with many larger design shops and agencies. The biggest difference between us and a larger shop is that from initial contact to deliverables to final invoicing, you will be working with one person, me. From concept to completion you will be working with the guy who is determined to make sure your experience goes beyond your expectations.

I entered the world of graphic design as a fine artist. When I started my first job in an Advertising Agency I presented concepts to clients as marker layouts, spec’d type and prepared paste-up mechanical boards for print production. When it was obvious the computer was going to be the creative and production tool that would allow me to be a better designer and benefit my clients, I went all in. I would never have thought as I mixed tubes of oil paint back in college that I would be waiting in anticipation for the next release of Adobe Creative Suite.

I have been able to run my business for over 20 years because of the relationships I have built with my clients. I have a fantastic group of clients who entrust me with many aspects of their marketing and advertising plans. On a daily basis I could be working on a logo design, print brochure design and production, sourcing print, creating a website, or sending out an email blast.

I look forward to the opportunity to show you how we can build a relationship by working together on your next creative project.

on-site staff

Adam Barrett :: Graphic Designer

Adam Barrett

When the phone rings, I am the guy who will answer or call you back, so please leave a message. I entered into the world of the graphics arts by way of a Bachelor of Arts with a Fine Arts Major and an Art History Minor from the University of Vermont. A few weeks after graduating from UVM I landed a job as a Mechanical Artist at an Advertising Agency and since then I have logged more hours manipulating a mouse than a paint brush.

After working for a face-paced agency, with the smell of the melting wax and coffee in the morning and the sound of air-brushes and fax machines buzzing all day, I moved onto a pre-press shop, then to a magazine publisher/trade show owner, back to a smaller agency, and then finally I hung out my own shingle.

From painting large oils with references to the Masters I learned how to comp-up design ideas in marker layouts, paste-up mechanicals, spec type and then transferred these skills onto the MacIntosh computer using QuarkXpress, PageMaker, and Adobe products.

PageMaker is long gone, now I spend my hours with the Adobe Creative Suite of programs; InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro, and Dreamweaver. I also spend a large portion of my day working in WordPress for the design and development of websites.

To connect with me please call the office at 203-453-7703 • cell at 203-671-2891 • email at adam@barrettadvertisingetc.com

Kelby Barrett Full time Staff


When the phone rings, Kelby is the one barking in the background, maybe its time for her lunch, a treat, or at the very least a belly rub.

Kelby, a very needy Portuguese Water Dog, with the habit of climbing up on desks when you leave the room in search of a snack is always on the job. I am sure her big paws have sent out an email or two or unfriended a few folks on Facebook. I do apologize in advance if you have received the odd email or were unceremoniously unfriended.

Naughty Kelby

To connect with Kelby, stop by with a snack, and she won’t leave your side until you are out the door.

specialized partners

Between myself and Kelby, we take care of 95% of the design and production services in the shop. If reaching out to someone outside of our 2 and 4 legged staff brings value to a project, I will not hesitate to go through my rolodex. I have worked with so many creative talents over the years, anyone who comes in to work on a project has been fully vetted and is guaranteed to help us succeed.

Sometimes a tight deadline demands another set of hands, and sometimes we need a person who is an expert in their field to share their special talents.

I will bring in; copywriters, designers, and programmers to projects as needed and I work with a select group of photographers, videographers, and print providers. I would be working very closely with any outside talent included in the project to make sure your expectations are met, if not exceeded.